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Apple iPhone 15
€587.39 -€150.00
Excellent condition - Apple iPhone 15 Our "like new" devices offer almost the same quality as brand new iPhones. The display is free from signs of use or at most shows minimal, barely visible wear. There may be slight signs of use on the back and frame, but these do not affect functionality. These are so minor that they do not detract from the overall appearance of the iPhone. Our thorough quality control ensures that the device has at least 80% battery capacity. So you can be sure that your iPhone 15, despite its "as new" status, has a reliable and powerful battery.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro
€755.46 -€170.00
For sale is a used, affordable Apple iPhone 15 Pro with an impressive storage capacity of 512 GB in the colour Titan Natur. The condition of the device is as new and it comes with a charging cable, although it should be noted that no charging plug is included. It is recommended to look for a suitable charging plug. In addition, a mobile phone pin is included in the scope of delivery, which makes it possible to open the smartphone and change the SIM card. A practical tool to ensure the full functionality of the device.
€923.53 -€200.00
Titanic bargain: The used iPhone 15 Pro Max awaits you! Get the concentrated power with 50% savings compared to the new price. Order online now and immerse yourself in the world of Apple without putting a strain on your wallet. The package includes not only the impressive smartphone, but also a charging cable, Bluetooth functionality and a handy SIM pin. Safe buying is guaranteed at MyAppleDeals, thanks to our 3-year guarantee. Discover the fascination of titanium white and secure this refurbished iPhone - smart, affordable and just a click away!